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The Lectures

Geological Time

Part 1          Part 2



An Introduction to Minerals



An Introduction to Rocks Types


Plate Tectonics

Plate Techtonics: Theory

Continental Drift

The Floor of the Ocean

Sea Floor Spreading

Oceanic Volcanoes

Converging Plate Boundaries

Orogenic Belts

Related links:

Plate Tectonic animations

      A slow one             A more rapid one

The widening of the Atlantic Ocean

Guest lectures from Peter Browne
Geology aggregates 1         Geology aggregates 2
Guest lectures from Allan Rossiter
Is there a major tungsten (+tin-molybdenum- gold) province present?






The Geology of Santorini


Earthquakes and Seismology


The Earth's Interior




Geisen deposits


Hydrology and Hydrogeology


Microscopic indentification of minerals    Part 1    Part 2


\ Soils


Rivers and sedimentary structures





Western Victoria coast


The Great Ocean Road Field Trip (2023)

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The Main Players    (Links are underlined) :

Abraham Ortelius    1527 - 1598

Nicolas Steno    1638 - 1686

Domenico Guglielmini     1655 - 1710

James Hutton    1726 - 1797

Rene Hauy    1743 - 1822

William Smith    1769 - 1839

Antonio Snider-Pelligrini    1802 - 1885

Alfred Wegener    1880 - 1930

Hugo_Benioff    1899 - 1968

Harry Hammond Hess     1906 - 1969

Laurence Morley    1920 - 2013

Drummond Mathews    1931 - 1997

Fred J Vine    1939 -




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Instruments of Measurement     (Links are underlined) :

The     Magnetometer

Alvin     the under water robot.




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Interesting Links     (Links are underlined)

Siccar Point

A new species of Mukupirna (Diprotodontia, Mukupirnidae) from the Oligocene of Central Australia sheds light on basal vombatoid interrelationships

What really happened on Whakaari/White Island?

Meteorite crater discovered  while drilling for gold in outback WA estimated to be 100 million years old.

A small peice of Australia   on its way to Mars

Footprints reveal    giant carnivorous dinosaurs  the length of a bus wandered Australia.

Fred Watson's article on     Tracking Down a Phantom Crater.

The age of     the Earth.

Earliest life found in ancient      Aussie rocks.

How the      Bungle Bungles    got their stripes.

The     Smithsonian Institution    web page.




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Videos to Listen:    (Links are underlined)

In Conversation with Richard Fidler
Palaeontologist John Long    discusses missing links:    How a fish with tiny fingers changed history

Palaeontologist Diego Garcia-Bellid    Ancestors like aliens:    Clues from the Cambrian explosion




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Videos to Watch:    (Links are underlined)

Murray Orr, President of BESS, inc. on our most precious    Beaumaris fossil heritage.

Australian Alps.

Some extra-terrestrial geology. Look in detail at the surface of another planet; a great film taken by the   Mars Rovers.
Read about the making of this film   here.


The Deniliquin Structure    The Largest Impact Crater on the Planet; Hidden in Australia


Continental drift    Fred Vine explaining Paleomagnetic reversals


Dating of rocks using the     Isochrone Plot




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Useful Links:    (Links are underlined)

To download Australian Geological maps:
1. Enter the    AUSGIN Geoscience Portal.
2. Centre the area of interest on your screen
3. Zoom into the area of interest. Use the slider at the top right carefully
4. Click on "add Data" at upper left
5. Select what you want - "Geological Maps" and click
6. Click on "Scanned 250K Geological Maps"
7. Then it gets tricky - you need to know the name of the sheet - try MELBOURNE
8. Click on "Add Data to map"
9. Click on tbe Light Brown area that drops down on the right hand side of the screen
10. Click on MELBOURNE (on the left)
11. Choose the resolution of the map you wish to View/Download
The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria


If you have grandchildren or young friends who are looking for a different party idea, how about a Cosmology Party.   Look at:   Stones, Bones and Stars
The children will get to handle crystals, a meteorite, dinosaur teeth and to see rock from the moon.

Artificial Intelligence:  Like to try ChatGPT, Here's how




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Interesting Images:    (Click on the image for more details)

Kummakivi is in Finland


Kjeragbolten is in Norway



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Cartoons and Videos to make us Giggle:    (Links are underlined)


Sheldon debunks    Astrology.

The Galaxcy Song from    Monty Python.


Tom Lehrer's   The Elements






An allotropic encounter






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