Links to web pages I have written:



Essentially this is a page I use to test links.




Old Optus web site

Simon's web space               

Simon did all the graphics and art work, I just did the html programming.



Melbourne Walking Club


Over Wyre

Gordon Heald's page about Knott End and the environs.

Rye Resorces

The Shrubberies Medical Centre

(a GP centre in Woodford, London, UK)


Yealm Cottage

Daughter Sarah's Home page


My Films:

Gazebo at Toot

The Sonic Pathfinder


Some sites are archived - or about to be archived - at The British Library

Look up:
                Over - Wyre and Knott End



These web pages have been written by Tony Heyes
of Perceptual Alternatives  using     Arachnophilia.
and   IrfanView.
They have been tested using the ubiquitous Internet Explorer
and also with my browser of choice    Firefox icon  Mozilla FireFox.





Plantation House              

a rather lovely Bed and Breakfast establishment run by friends on the coast not far from Melbourne


The Drop Inns