Competion to find the
Young Chorister of the Year 2021


Contestent, Owen Hurrell, aged 13, is my wife's, Lynn's, grandnephew, the grandson of Lynn's sister, Pat.    Owen lives in Cardiff, and attends the Llandaff Cathedral School.



The competition took place in Salisbury Cathedral during November, 2021 and was broadcast by the BBC in early December.

Five boys reached the Boys' Semi-Final, three of whom were selected to go forword to the final.    (Owen sings last of the five).

Click on the link below to watch the

Boys' Semi-final


In the final the boys had to compete with the girls.   (Owen sings first).

Click on the link below to watch the

Chorister of the Year - Final


NOTE: These recordings were made in Australia using a VPN and a Video Screen Shot recording technique. That is why they look like a screen within a screen. The files are big so they are stored in my Dropbox. Because of all of the above: in order to return to the main programme click on the previously opened Tab button.


An additional Owen performance at a Charity Concert at St. Martin's, Caerphilly in aid of Ukraine  Owen is on after 55 minutes   The Caerphilly Concert


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