The Physics of the World About Us

by Tony Heyes BSc (Physics), PhD (Physics), PhD (Psychology)

For the past few years I have presented a series of talks designed to inform and excite about that subject we so often felt was either boring or just too hard! As I put in the U3A handbook.......

A number of stand alone Science topics, mainly Physics but including some Philosophy and some Medicine. The course is designed to entertain and to inform. Whereas no prior knowledge is expected, post knowledge is guaranteed!

If you are unsure about my style and what you might be in for you might like to listen to me do the odd Radio Interview:
The Life of a Scientist
Our Plastic Brains.

In 2017 I recorded a two part lecture entitled "Our Changing View of Reality",    Click to hear.....
       Part One     then      Part Two.

Then again, you might like to look at my short cv.

For more information contact:      Tony Heyes

The following topics may, or may not be on the list for presentation!

Measuring the Universe

Our Changing View of Science

Measuring the Speed of Light and the Doppler Effect

The History and Future of Nuclear Power

Dating - carbon and dendrochonology

Fred Hoyle: why he did not get a Nobel Prize

Towards the Bionic Eye

Radiation: the good and the bad

Plate Techtonics and Ice Ages

A History of Evidence Based Medicine

Medical Imagery

Alternative Medicine: Trick or Treatment

Black Holes



Various useful links


A useful link if one wishes to check the rise and set times for the Sun, Moon and Major Planets -
  no use looking for them if they are not above the horizon:     Click here


Do visit the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society. Details of their monthly open evenings are    here


I have long had a facination for sundials and made several. They are orimental AND they tell you much more than just time. I have searched long and hard to find a sundial design which would enable the dial to be adjusted to cope with the change to, and from, Daylight Saving Time; now I have found it.
This simple, cheap dial is the 'bees knees'. I wrote to the inventor and quoted what Thomas Huxley said to Charles Darwin, "Why didn't I think of that"?
To see the dial click here or here.


Some good videos .......


   The Double Slit Experiment by Jim Al-Khalili at the Royal Instition


   Spooky Action at a Distance the best explanation I have ever seen of John Bell's inequality


The films on the liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) were by Kirk Sorenson of Flibe Energy and may be found on YouTube for example
   LFTR in 5 Minutes but Google "LFTR Youtube" to get more.


Thermodynamics by Jim Al-Khalili.


Tony may be contacted by email:

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