Old Tone's Radio Talks

by Tony Heyes BSc (Physics), PhD (Physics), PhD (Psychology)

During the last few years I have recorded a number of talks and interviews for Beyond Infinity, the science program broadcast by Radio Port Philip (RPP FM)

In 2016
The life of a Scientist.

Our Plastic Brains.

In 2017: a two part lecture entitled "Our Changing View of Reality"
Our Changing View of Reality: Part One.

Our Changing View of Reality: Part Two.

In 2019: a number of unscripted ultracrepidarian discussions:

The 150 year anniversary of the Periodic Table.

How to image a Black Hole.

Looks Like The Universe's Rate Of Expansion Is Variable.

On Stephen Hawking's Epitaph.

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And yet more talks:
Sir Fred Hoyle; why he did not get a Nobel Prize. Part One.

Sir Fred Hoyle; why he did not get a Nobel Prize. Part Two.

Our Restless Earth: Part One.

Our Restlass Earth: Part Two.

How to really lose weight.


Tony may be contacted by email: Tony.Heyes@physics.org

Click the link to see either my short cv or my Wikipedia User entry.

Tony's web page is named after his travel aid for the blind ie.      www.sonicpathfinder.org


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