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But is the Knott End beach wet or dry? The beach is wet during Spring Tides (these occur around Full Moon and New Moon). Note: the word Spring has notning to do with the season, it simoly means that the tides have a large amplitude and spring in and out.
The beach is dry at other times when the tides have a smaller amplitude: Neap Tides. Neap tides happen during the quarter or three-quarter moon.
The complete moon cycle from New (0%) to Full (50%) to New (100%) takes approximately 30 days so the beach is wet at approximately fortnightly intervals and dry at approximately fortnightly intervals.

Knott End beach is DRY

When the Moon's Age is approximately

25%     or     75%

This is the phase of the moon today
Knott End beach is WET

When the Moon's Age is approximately

0%     50%     or     100%

Note: anyone venturing out on the sands must be aware that the speed and height of any tide is dependent on weather conditions.

A depression over the Irish Sea can add a couple of feet on to the sea level and a few days of south westerly gales can have a similar effect. Add on to that a few days of heavy rain in the hills surrounding the bay and there can be a problem if the whole lot coincides with a high spring tide. The higher the tide, the faster and sooner it comes in.

A 2 metre tidal surge is not unknown in Morecambe Bay, sometimes with unfortunate results, such as the 'Great Inundation of the Sea' in 1720. Such a surge also occurred about 50 years ago and resulted in extensive flooding all across Pilling Moss. Shortly afterwards the sea defences were raised all the way from Knott End to Pilling and the new sea wall was constructed across Cockerham Marsh which reclaimed a lot of salt marsh and prevented spring tides from cutting off the road connection as they had done since time immemorial.


If contemplating a walk on the sands please visit    Tide safety


Videos of the Wyre Bore - not as spectacular as the Severn Bore!

Tidal bore on the River Wyre collides with boat

Tidal Bore on the River Wyre, 21st February 2015

Tidal bore on the River Wyre at Hambleton 29 Oct 2015

Novels inspired by the history of the Preesall salt mines.
These novels are a "must read" for any Over Wyre enthusiast. They are works of fiction and the place names have been changed but you will have fun identifying familiar locations and, at the same time, enjoying an exciting read.

Knott_End-on-Sea;    the Wikipedia entry.

Seeing the Isle of Man from the promenade at Knott End. Yes, it is possible, but only sometimes.
     Read a physicist's take on how, when and why.

Identifying ships    in Morecambe Bay.

Books    written by local authors base on local events and places

The Pilling Pig    the name of the old Knott End railway.

Just announced (2019) a book:     The Pilling Pig     by David Richardson of the    Cumbrian Railways Association.

Will the Pilling Pig run again?   Visit the web site of

KE Railway
The Knott End Light Railway Society

The Poulton and Wyre Railway Society;    opening up the railway to Fleetwood!.

Preesall War Memorial    The Mystery of `The Mount`

Lighthouse: the Wyre Light

Over Wyre Arts Society

Rossell Coastwatch Tower.

Knott End from the air - a 2019 film.

The Tower

Climbing Blackpool Tower

One of the authors of these pages, Tony Heyes , was a member of the climbing team who, in 1962, climbed what was then the tallest building in the UK.
In 2019 the other author of these pages, Gordon Heald, re-wrote the story at the request of the Blackpool Gazette.

Read here the epic winter clinb of Blackpool Tower.



The Wyre Archaeology Forum .

There are a number of excellent Family History web sites related to the area.
For exmaple:

The Jenkinsons.

The Gornalls.


See also some surname maps:
The surnames Heald and Heyes both come from the North of England. See the surname distribution maps.


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